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Remote Support

We provide a simple remote IT support service.

 This is speedy and effective as more than 70% of computer problems we encounter are software related and can be fixed remotely via the internet. (However, if you’re uncomfortable with this process, please see our other onsite and carry-in options.)

Advantages to You (the customer)​

  • No call-out fees

    No need to pay call-out fees for an IT technician to visit you onsite.

  • No more waiting

    No more waiting for hours for a technician to drive to your company before you can carry on working.

  • Low support fees

    By eliminating time-consuming and expensive trips from our premises to that of our customers our technicians are able to support twice as many customers as before. This allows us to keep our support fees lower.

Advantages to B&D System Engineers​

  • Able to keep support fees low

    By eliminating time consuming and expensive drives on the road between customers, we can now service twice as many customers per technician. This makes us more profitable per technician which in turn enables us to keep our support fees lower than the competition.

How to Get Instant Remote Support​

Click here to download our Remote Support Application.

Click on “Click here” in your Browser to start download the support application.

Wait for the download to complete.

If asked a second time, click on “Run” again.

 The Remote Support application will open. Wait for the green arrow and “Ready to connect” text.

You will see your mouse starting to move as soon as the technician connected to your computer (time will be billed from now).


The technician might fix the problem while on the telephone with you or otherwise phone you back after the problem has been resolved.

Click on “Cancel” or “X” to close the Remote Support application if you do not need any more remote assistance.

To close the connection and uninstall the Remote Support Application

Confirming that the Remote Support Application has been successfully uninstalled.

Please take note of the following security notes:​

  • All remote support sessions are encrypted and password protected. Only B&D System Engineers technicians will be able to connect to your computer.
  • It is only possible for B&D System Engineers technicians to log onto your computer while the Remote Support application is running.
  • You will see everything the technician does on your screen while he is busy. Even if he browses your files stored on your computer a new window will pop up displaying exactly what files are being accessed.
  • As soon as a technician connects to your computer, you will see his name popping up at the bottom right-hand corner of your display.
  • Should you with to immediately disconnect the active remote support session, simply click on the ‘X‘ displayed under the technician’s name at the bottom right of your screen.

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