ICT Solutions

Strategy Planning

Computer and communications technology advances so quickly that strategic planning is essential. It is vital to align the technology needs with the business’s overall strategic plan in order to ensure that they are in synch.

At B&D System engineers we compare the client’s current technology to their overall visions and goals and alert them to inefficiencies and short-comings. We also evaluate their business risk due to technical failures and how their handling of their IT function is affecting their overall business. In performing this evaluation we create a roadmap of what is needed, when it will be needed and what it will cost.

Budget Projections​

​We assist you in financial planning by providing the following information:

  • The market value of your existing equipment;
  • The cost of new equipment at today’s market price;
  • The market value of your existing software;
  • The cost of new software and upgrades at today’s market price;
  • How many ongoing maintenance support hours you’ll require and the cost thereof;
  • The complete cost of implementing any new projects at today’s market price.

Risk Management

One of the consequences of your business expanding is your network expanding and with every point added the chance of a serious system breakdown increases. B&D minimizes this risk by focusing on the following points:

  • Identify points where your system can fail;
  • Develop and implement security policies;
  • Create backup and disaster recovery plans;
  • Develop plans for increased capacity and effective resource utilisation;
  • Develop end-user usage policies;
  • Plan hardware and software updates and upgrades;
  • Procure technology only from approved and trusted vendors;
  • Measure IT performance to identify where improvements can be made.

Technology Assessment

  • With our business and technical expertise we can identify any shortcomings in your technology and how to overcome them;
  • In addition we’ll compare your existing technology against your business goals and whether they will facilitate or hamper them.
  • We will identify any new technology that is needed in order to ensure your business’s continued success and growth.

Measure IT Performance

  • Evaluate key performance areas on a quarterly basis to ensure that things are running smoothly and that the investment in IT is being made at the expected rate.
  • Recommend alternatives where performance is below acceptable levels.

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