Improving the productivity of your business
B&D System Engineers offers a wide range of ICT support services to small and medium-size businesses, utilising the latest technologies and offering the latest solutions.
Use outsourcing to accelerate your performance
You need effective technology and people to be competitive. Our investment in you0r business will ensure that you are.

B&D System Engineers was founded in 1995 by two computer professionals who saw the need for reliable computer support that went beyond fixing something after it had broken down.

Mostly they objected to the typical attitude of just fix it until next time, when we’ll make money out of the same client fixing the same problem again. This led them to developing a support model based on preventative solutions and services and to concentrate on maintaining them. They realised that the cost of maintaining equipment was considerably less than replacing or constantly repairing neglected equipment. This maintenance also prolonged the life of the equipment.

In addition they wanted to offer a level of customer service to the small business sector that was hard to find in the business world.

Every employee at B&D is committed to: 

  • Assisting and educating their clients to help them better understand their technology and the industry; 
  • Being honest and forthright with their clients even if means they can’t make a sale; 
  • Maintaining an uncompromising level of integrity in their internal business processes; 
  • Providing the best quality solution and highest level of service; and to meet these commitments at a price that is both fair to B&D and to the client.