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  • Anti-Virus and Spam Filtering
  • Web mail access via Outlook Web Access
  • Full Calendaring and Global Address Lists (GAL)
  • Mail delivery via POP3, IMAP and RPC over HTTPS – Full synchronisation between client machine and server (Min Requires MS Outlook 2003, IOS 6, Android 4)
Exchange Premium 1Gig R 70
Exchange Premium 2Gig R 80
Exchange Premium 5Gig R 95
Exchange Premium 25Gig R 110


A cloud-based Hosted Exchange offers a group-wide communication and collaboration platform without the expense or technical hassles associated with supporting sophisticated software applications. 3Gi Internet Services also offers Archiving as a Hosted Exchange value added service.

Hosted Exchange from 3Gi Internet Services allows you to access all the benefits of Microsoft Exchange at a fraction of the cost, and with no capital outlay.

Every organisation needs tools to help it grow – and Microsoft Exchange has always been an important driver for growing businesses. It’s an email solution designed to enable companies to share information across users, using Microsoft Outlook. With Microsoft Exchange, employees can work smarter: share folders and contacts, set up appointments between them – and more. Hosted Exchange from 3Gi Internet Services takes away all the large upfront costs typically associated with the purchase and implementation of Microsoft Exchange. It minimises the need for technical support, provides any software updates free of charge – and at only R70 per user per month, it is affordable for companies of all sizes.


Features & Benefits


  • Mail management features to control company in boxes and grant access to administrators and support staff.
  • Group calendars to streamline scheduling and meeting arrangements, highlighting busy times, and allowing management of employees’ time and resources like meeting rooms, sending invitations.
  • Company-wide address books and other shared contact information.
  • Public folders for organizing and sharing files.
  • Shared, track-able task-lists and timelines.
  • A 2GB mailbox per user on the Premium and Premium Plus offerings.
  • Certified Microsoft technicians to keep everything running smoothly.
  • Complete scalability – you pay a user cost per month,and can increase or decrease this number at any stage.
  • Group-wide communication and collaboration without the expense or technical hassles normally associated with supporting sophisticated software applications.
  • Real-time access via the Internet to email management, shared calendars and address books, public folders, task-lists and timelines.
  • No new hardware, software or training is required.




Just like Microsoft Exchange, Hosted Exchange enables your employees to communicate and collaborate more efficiently. However, with Hosted Exchange, your mailbox is stored on our state-of-the-art server. You and your employees can access Inboxes, Sent Items, Calendars, Contacts and shared folders in real-time via the Internet. Secure usernames and passwords enable users to access their company mailboxes from anywhere at any time, using any Internet-enabled device.




No hardware is needed, no software needs purchasing, and no training is required. Our expert certified Microsoft technicians keep everything running smoothly, taking pressure off your IT department, or saving you money on outsourced technicians. Hosted Exchange is also completely scalable – you’ll never spend more than you need to. Your emails and important shared files stored within the Hosted Exchange environment are backed up by us every day